How do I receive?

You receive WebMentions through this service in three easy steps:

  1. You sign in using one of these services:

  2. Then you add the domain name (eg. of the site you want to accept WebMentions for:

  3. Lastly you add the following WebMention endpoint to the HTML-head of your posts and the following HTML-snippet where you want to embed the mentions. See the documentation for alternatives.

  4. (Add some cool styles!)

How do I send?

For now refer to the IndieWebCamp wiki for information on how to send WebMentions.

Documentation & API

Check out the documentation to read more about the available API:s and features!

Keep updated

Be sure to to keep up to date on additions, tweaks and fixes of the service.


Purpose of this service?

To accept and display WebMentions on people's site. Especially handy if the site is a static one – eg. based on Jekyll and perhaps hosted on something like GitHub Pages – because then you can't really handle WebMentions in the site itself.

How can I style my mentions?

To get up to date example HTML, temporarily replace your WebMention embed with the following script instead. More info in the documentation.

Do I need to style my mentions?

Yes, at this point in time you unfortunately have to do that. They are completely unstyled – just plain HTML. See the previous answer for a handy tip for doing so and feel inspired by the CSS used on this page if you like.

Example: The mentions of this site

See all the mentions
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